More Client Information

What To Wear

I encourage you to wear something you already own and love.  The best outfits are those that make you feel confident and make you feel your best.  Something comfortable is good too- remember you'll be standing, sitting, walking, maybe even laying down.  Solid colors are preferred, but simple patterns are okay.  You'll want to stay away from busy patterns, thin stripes, and faded or muted printed shirts.  When it comes to stripes remember that horizontal stripes tend to make us look wider.  Also, be sure that your clothes are ironed and fit well.

Choose a color that will compliment your skin tone and your eye color.  It's all about the eyes!  Shoes and accessories complete the look, so be sure to remember those.  Not every image will be a full body shot, but there will be some mixed in there so be sure your entire outfit comes together.

Please don't feel like you have to go out and buy new outfits.  If you want to, you're free to do so but it's definitely not required.


Coordinating Your Outfits

Focus on coordinating, not matching, outfits.  Choose a few primary colors (two or three) and then maybe one color for "pop".  For example, lets say you chose denim, navy blue, and gray.  Let everyone in your group choose their variation of these colors for their outfit and come picture time you'll all look well coordinated.

Another consideration is the season and the location you choose for your photo shoot.  Bright yellows and light blues aren't usually found during the fall and winter, but are great for spring and summer.  Warmer tones like oranges, browns, and maroons, are sometimes a little too warm for spring and summer, but work beautifully for fall and winter.  And let's be honest, grays are great year round!  Ultimately though, your color choice is completely up to you!


Weather & Reschedules

Being an on-location photographer we are at Mother Nature's will.  We can't predict the weather, though we can get pretty close.  If there's bad weather at your photo shoot location you can expect a phone call from me to reschedule your shoot.

I can't control the weather any more than you can control getting sick.  If you have to reschedule due to an illness, or some other emergency, please let me know in writing.  An email is fine.  You can reschedule your photo shoot one time, without penalty.