Senior GirlsSenior Girls

Don't settle for anything less...

Do you enjoy getting dressed up? Think of how amazing you feel getting ready for prom- the makeup, the dress, the jewelry. Do you want to feel that again and show it off in your senior pictures? If you do then a SENIOR GLAM session is perfect for you! We'll start with a pre-session design appointment. This is when we'll start to design a personalized session JUST. FOR. YOU. Then comes the day of your shoot. We'll start with your makeup- done by one of my trusted makeup artists. While that's happening we'll finalize your locations. Then comes the fun part- we choose your dress (or dresses) and any other outfits you want and we go out for your shoot! An entire photo shoot that is all about you and making you look and feel amazing! A few days after your photo shoot it'll be time to see your images. How exciting! We'll schedule a private in-home ordering appointment. You'll see your images in a custom slideshow and you'll get to choose the photographs that you want. And you'll choose how you want them. Once your prints are delivered it's all memories from then on. You'll always be able to look back at your photo album and relive this time in your life. The memories will never fade.

Do you want something a bit simpler, or do you want to do your own makeup- a SIGNATURE SESSION is the answer! We go through the same process and I promise you will still look and feel amazing!

Are you interested in having your senior portraits taken at a fun location?  Do you and your friends want a fun day-getaway to the coast or up to the mountains for some unique senior portraits?  I'm available for travel.  Email me to discuss your ideas and to schedule your design appointment!


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