What To Expect

A boutique style portrait service means that the focus is not only on capturing your images, but on also creating a fun and comfortable experience throughout the whole process.  I don't shoot a lot of sessions on purpose.  The focus is on what's important...your portraits!  Your memories that will never fade because you will have your portraits to look back on.  I want you to have these portraits forever!

From booking your photo shoot all the way through the delivery of your portraits to your home, you are not alone.  Wardrobe or location questions?  I'm here to help you!  Not sure where to display your family wall portrait?  Let's figure it out together.  

All sessions are shot on-location.  Sometimes the perfect location for you is right in your own back yard...literally!

Senior portraits are my specialty!  Capturing your personality, and what makes you YOU are what I love to do!  Doing that we end up having a great time and laughing a whole lot during your session.  These are your senior portraits!  It's your time to shine and there's no reason your portraits shouldn't either!  You won't be rushed to get all your outfits shot in a certain amount of time.  Your session will usually last about 2 hours, sometimes less...sometimes more.  But don't worry, we'll be sure to schedule enough time to get the shots you want.

After your shoot is when your images come to life!  I spend about 1 week going through your entire shoot and weed out all the shots that missed the mark and making sure that you only get the best of the best images from your session.  I'll do some raw processing, contrast and color correction to each and every image- they'll look great!  I'll then create a slideshow, set to music, for you to watch during your Reveal Session!  After your slideshow we'll plan the wall art and portrait products that you want for your home.  This can be a very overwhelming time, but that's why we schedule your Reveal Session and why I'm there with you the whole time.  We can even walk around your home and plan your wall art.  Your portraits will become a piece of your family legacy, whether they be senior portraits or family portraits.  They will be there for you to enjoy for generations to come!  The true value of a portrait isn't understood until long after the image is taken.



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