A. Rivas Photography | Lemoore All Stars, 2014 Clovis Pep Classic

Lemoore All Stars, 2014 Clovis Pep Classic

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What a day!  Since my oldest daughter started cheering competitively I've never been "behind the scenes" of a cheer competition.  The most I had ever seen was what I saw in that movie "Bring It On" from about 14 years ago.  Though I hope that was dramatized for Hollywood, being behind the scenes of a real cheer compeition is still pretty crazy!

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to tag along with the 2013-2014 Lemoore Recreation and Lemoore All Stars Cheer Teams at the 38th Annual Clovis Pep Classic held at Clovis High School.  What an exhausting day!  I've shot sporting events before, soccer games things like that, but nothing like this!  Chasing 50+ cheerleaders, making up 4 teams, with a camera and keeping up with their cheer routines on the floor is not as easy as it sounds but I had a great time doing it! 

Congratulations to all the teams!  Lemoore Rec Cheer, Mini's, and Junior All Stars- you all did GREAT!  A BIG congratulations has to go out to the Lemoore Senior All Stars for taking 1st place in their division!  Keep it up girls, and young men! 

And thank you Jennifer, Toni, Joe, Taryn, and everyone else associated with the teams for letting me come along!  You can see all 180+ photos from the day here

Lemoore cheer sign

Lemoore cheerleader does a toe touch.

Lemoore cheerleaders pyramid stunt Lemoore Rec Cheerleader does a toe touch.

Lemoore All Stars cheer stunt

Lemoore All Stars cheer stunt

Lemoore All Stars cheer stunt

Lemoore All Stars basket toss

Lemoore All Stars pyramid


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