A. Rivas Photography | 95th Birthday │ Visalia, CA.

95th Birthday │ Visalia, CA.

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A woman stands with a timeless gaze as she prepares to celebrate her 95th birthday.  Visalia, California. 2014

So a couple weeks ago I got a call from my daughter's high school cheer coach.  She wanted to know if I'd be available to take some family photos at her grandmother's 95th birthday party!  95th!  Wow!  Yes! 

I got all the information I needed, you know the typical stuff- when, where, how many, etc.  When I got to the location for the photos I was met with a beautiful walkway leading up to an equally beautiful front door.  I went inside and got acquainted with the house and I got to meet the lady of the hour; the birthday queen herself!  She was the nicest lady ever!  So sweet and she seemed pretty excited about the photos which isn't what I was told originally.

Finally it was time to head outside.  It was a typical autumn day in central California- overcast skies and temperatures in the high 60s.  She wanted to stand for the entire time we were going to be shooting but we convinced her to have a seat.  I snapped the family group photos and then spent a few minutes taking some shots of her alone. 

All-in-all it was a great afternoon spent with a great family and a wonderful and beautiful lady who was turning a mere 95 years young!

An older woman stands in a walkway leading to the front of a house before celebrating her 95th birthday.  Visalia, California.  2014 A 95 year old woman sits delicately on a large rock in beautiful landscaped yard.  Visalia, California.  2014 A 95 year old woman celebrates her 95th birthday with her family in Visalia, California.  2014


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