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Why Schedule Your Senior Portraits This Summer?

May 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Schedule Your Senior Portraits Before Your Senior Year Starts...

A question I hear a lot over and over is, "When is the best time to book my senior portrait session?"  My response is always the same; the sooner, the better!  The summer before your senior year starts is perfect!  I know this idea might be hard to wrap your head around and a lot people think it's too early, but trust me- it's not.  Your senior year is going to be jam packed with classes, sports, tests, applications, trips, and everything else you need to do to get ready to graduate.  Here is a list of 8 reasons why the summer before your senior year starts is the best time to have your portraits taken...

8) Bragging Rights:  You can be the trend-setter.  The leader of you class and your friends.  Your awesome portraits will be the first that all your friends will see.  And trust me, they'll gush all over them!

7) Time is On Your Side:  By scheduling your portraits during summer break, when you're not in school, you'll have a lot more time to plan it just right.  You'll have more time to shop for the perfect outfits, and more time to plan your perfect session with ARP.  Can you imagine trying to squeeze your portrait session in when your homework is piling up, college applications are waiting to be filled out, and sports practice every afternoon?  You're head will be spinning with everything that needs to get done!  Save the hassle, and book your session during the summer.

High school senior poses in golden sunlight at sunset in downtown Visalia, California.

6)  Light!  Light is On Your Side:  It's no secret that the sun stays out longer during the summer.  That means longer days, which means more time to capture your awesome photos!

5)  Gets You Out of The House:  Let's be honest, the last few weeks of school drag on and on, and it feels like summer will never get here.  You look forward to your summer vacation every year so why not make the most out of it by having an epic senior portrait session with ARP?

4)  You'll Have Your Summer Glow:  All that pool time will give you a killer tan!

High school senior sits on some stairs in Old Town Clovis, California.

3)  Beach Time:  Summer means water fun!  Since it's so warm out we can do your portrait session by the pool or on the water.  A destination beach, or lake, portrait session would be awesome, don't you think?

2)  Yearbook Deadlines:  As long as your school doesn't have a contracted yearbook photographer, scheduling your senior portrait session with ARP in the summer will ensure you have the most amazing senior photo already prepared and ready to submit to your yearbook before the deadline creeps up.  And trust me, it'll creep up before you know it!

1)  The Colors:  Summer colors are awesome!  The grass is green (for the most part), flowers have blossomed, and the trees are full of leaves which make beautiful backdrops for your session.  Sunsets in the summer are pretty nice too!

Personally I think summer time is a great time to book your senior session and have your portraits done.  However, I realize that this timeframe may not work for you and your family's summer plans.  We have to make time for family vacations to Disneyland afterall!  Maybe you're the type that likes winter and would prefer a stylized wintery session instead, or you want to capture the changing leaves in fall while you're dressed in your best rustic country gear.  That's totally cool with me!  The important thing is to book your session early so we can plan ahead!  I usually book a few months in advance so it's better to get your date set now even if it's still months away!

If you're ready to book your session, or if you have any questions, contact me HERE!

High school senior poses for her portraits in Laton, California.


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