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For actors, models, dancers, or anyone else who takes their public image seriously!

When your public image is important to your career then you shouldn't skimp on your headshots.  When you take pro photos it's not only photographers that notice; agents, casting directors, managers...they all would prefer professionally taken images and professionally printed photos.  Headshots are the storefront of your business.  Whether you're an actor, model, dancer, entrepreneur, or the next Miss California, let's get your best headshots out there and get you noticed!


Printing Your Headshots

Printing your headshots is just as important as choosing your photographer.  You should factor the cost of prints in to your budget as well.  The truth is plain and simple; if you don't print professional photos from a professional lab your images will most likely look like crap, and neither of us want that.  Also remember that not only are you holding your work, but you're holding your photographers work as well.  So if you print your awesome headshots on the cheap, and they look like crap, that directly reflects on both of us!  Take your headshots seriously.  Do what you can, when you can.  If that means one image now and another one next month, that's fine.  Your career is built on your image and important people will notice if you print from Walgreens...be better than Walgreens!

I've heard really good things about ColorWorks NYC...you should check them out.  They're in New York (obviously) but they ship all over the country.  If you'd prefer to work with a company on the west coast check out Argentum Photo; they're located in Burbank!


Displaying Your Headshots Online

There's something you have to understand about the images you're downloading.  I have a pretty strict quality control habit and I toss out any bad shots, or any that just missed the mark.  I do raw processing, contrast and color correction, on all your images.  Right off that bat they look awesome, but they are still un-retouched.  They don't have that final coat of "polish" to really make them shine.  Keep that in mind when you post your images online.  Choose your favorite 10 or so images, but don't go posting your entire session on Facebook or Instagram.  As much as those images are your work, they are my work too, so please be respectful.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do the following: retouch your images on your own, let your friends retouch your images, or put those crazy Instagram style filters on your images.  I kindly reserve the right to ask you to remove any images that were posted that look terrible and reflect poorly on my work due to your own retouching or a filter.  Just be respectful of both our work.  

Remember that even though you are free to use your images as long as you wish, the copyright still belongs to me.  When you post your images online please give me proper credit, it's the right thing to do.  Use my tag for that particular site and also make sure my website www.arivasphotos.com is in the caption.  I'll be sure to do the same.






Headshot Sessions: include a planning consult so that I make sure I know exactly what you need in your headshots, and so that we can plan a location. Unlimited outfit changes (within reason, of course), an on-location photo shoot, professional retouching of 5 of your favorite images and 1 that I choose for you (6 total images), and access to all of your usable images on a private proofing site is also included.  Hair and makeup is available and can be arranged so that all you have to do is feel and look like a superstar!

One-Look Headshots:  Perfect if you need just one look to complete your portfolio.  It includes a phone consultation to plan your session, 1 outfit, 30-minute on-location photo shoot, professional retouching of 1 image (of your choice), and access to all of your usable images on a private proofing site.  Hair and makeup is available and can be arranged at an additional cost.

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